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Our concrete batching plant has exported to Russia

Le 15 July 2013, 10:00 dans Humeurs 0

We successfully signed a contract of HZS120 concrete batching plant with our Russian customer. We all took it seriously because our Russian customer value these nonstandard products very much and is strict in them. Our technical staffs struggled to find a proper way on design and ease of use during their work and they almost had taken all details into consideration; our workshop employees drilled every hole and solder every seam with totally attention; our inspectors checked them conscientiously; our after-sales staffs installed debugged and maintained these machines till they can work well.

After returning back, the after-sales staffs gave an account of the working condition of these devices. Meanwhile, our American customer also delivered a letter to show that these devices are working very well. He praised that no matter the appearance and quality of the products or the consummate skill and seriousness of the workers are all impeccable. He also said he was very satisfied in using these great devices. At this time, congratulate all the staff who has hand in these concrete plants.

It's really exciting news which marks our first concrete plant exported to Russia has gone into operation now. This successful importation of concrete plants laid foundation on our further exploration in Russian market and it indicated that our products can totally stand up to the high demand of high-end clients.

This is a hallmark event and it declared our position of strength. This device gained applause of clients from its inner quality to outer appearance. This success cannot be reached without the effort of every employee. We must make more efforts to reach a high level and develop more excellent products to cater to the needs of customers.

Satisfactory concrete mixer will bring more benefits for users

Le 15 July 2013, 09:56 dans Humeurs 0

Today, we will continue to talk about how to buy a satisfactory concrete mixer. Last time we pide concrete mixer into two main categories: forced type concrete mixer and self-loading concrete mixer. Today we will go on talking about self-loading concrete mixer.

Self-loading concrete mixer

1.Working principles of self-loading concrete mixer

Self-loading concrete mixer has a very long history. In early 20th century, it had been put into use. The working principle of self-loading concrete mixer is quite different from forced type concrete mixer. Many mixing blades are soldered to the wall of the drum. When it starts to work, the drum revolves around horizontal axis. The mixing blades fixed on the drum will lift the materials needed to be mixed to a certain height. Then the materials fall down through the gravity. This concrete mixer operates repeatedly in this way to mix concrete.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of self-loading concrete mixer

This kind concrete mixer has simple structures, little wear and it is very easy and convenient to maintain. Furthermore, it adapts materials well and has a relatively small volume. Therefore, it applies to produce plastic concrete and damp-dry rigid concrete. What’s more, this concrete mixer has wheels and it's very convenient to move.

However, self-loading concrete mixer also has some disadvantages. Due to it works through the rotation of drum; its stirring intensity, rotating speed and volume has been limited. It leads to lower efficiency than forced type concrete mixer. Therefore, this kind concrete mixer can be used in a relatively small construction site or is for personal use. So, just think over which concrete mixer is more appropriate to you. Choose a best one for your project.

Choose the right concrete mixer methods reference for users

Le 15 July 2013, 09:51 dans Humeurs 0

We have discussed the basic rules to choose a concrete mixer. Next, we will continue to discuss in detail.

If you are going to choose the best concrete mixer for a specific application, you must consider these factors: location of the construction site, the amount of concrete needed and the construction schedule. There are two main categories of mixer: forced type concrete mixer and self-loading concrete mixer.

1. Forced type concrete mixer

Forced type concrete mixer machine can be pided into two types. One is twin shaft concrete mixer and the other is planetary concrete mixer. Their working principles are very similar. They both mix concrete through the rotation of the shaft. Meanwhile the blades attached to the shaft are just like many hands to mix the concrete more homogeneous. The difference between them is that twin shaft concrete mixer has two horizontal shafts while the planetary concrete mixer has one vertical concrete mixer.

1.1 Twin shaft concrete mixer

On the other aspect, the mixing blades of twin horizontal shaft concrete mixer rotate reversely. The blades mix materials repeatedly to make the materials more homogeneous. In this fierce process of rotation, it saved much more time. Therefore, the twin shaft concrete mixer is featured by high efficiency and low time-consuming. This concrete mixer is widely used in the whole world for it is more cost effective.

1.2 Planetary concrete mixer

However, for planetary concrete mixer, the two groups of mixing blades mix materials pros and cons. The revolution and rotation speed of the blades give the mixer a high output without causing the segregation of materials with different grain size and weight. The movement of the material inside the trough is smooth and continuous. This concrete mixer is featured by high efficiency, high quality and low maintenance. The concrete it produces is with higher quality. But the price of it is very expensive.

We have listed the advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds of concrete mixer. Just choose a proper one according your own situation. In the next, we will give some advice in the choice of self-loading concrete mixer. Please pay attention on our website.

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